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I am frequently asked how I got into building furniture, so here it is:

After graduating from San Jose State in 98' with a BS in Aviation, (I watched Top Gun too much as a kid), I briefly held a sales position that was not a good fit, so I decided to get back to what had always spoken to me, working with my hands. I saw an opportunity for a better 'mouse trap' of a poker table and it incorporated a large round table design with a padded cushion and integrated drink holders. The design proved relatively successful and for a few years I sold several hundred of these tables nationwide, primarily through eBay but eventually competitors caught on and began introducing cheaper versions, so in 2002 I introduced a high end version of my original table, which is what you see on my site. My design was revolutionary in the niche world of poker tables/game tables because at the time all that was available for the consumer was a simple octagon flip top game table. I incorporated premium hardwoods, leathers, nail head trim, and really redefined what a high end poker table is.

As you can imagine, my tables were a huge hit and more so when ESPN began televising the WSOP, but like before, soon cheaper versions and derivatives of my design began to flood the market from large manufactures' to small. To this day, you will find my table designs in every game room store across the country and of course all over the internet.

In 2011 I introduced a line of designer serving/ottoman trays.

Through it all I have chosen to stay small, a one man operation, primarily because I love the challenge and exhilaration of building high-quality furniture.

Matt Hensley
MH Fine Furniture
1271 El Rey Ave
El Cajon, CA 92021
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